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    I’m setting up a site for tutors to list courses, and for students to search for a course they want to do.

    There will be a small monthly fee charged to tutors per course listed and some tutors will only be listing one which is no problem. The issue comes where someone lists more than one course, not necessarily adding them all at the same time. I don’t really want to sell packages at fixed prices and
    volumes – I’d like it to be more flexible if possible.

    Preferably I need a system which can ‘see’ any time that a tutor creates a course listing and add the appropriate amount to that person’s monthly bill. The actual money will probably be handled on Paypal and/or Stripe.

    Can HivePress do this please?


    As far as I know, it’s not possible – payment services like Stripe or PayPal require the approval of the subscription amount, it’s not possible to change it automatically and the user has to agree every time you change it.

    The easiest way to charge users for adding listings is via Paid Listings extension, but there’s no recurring billing at the moment. If you have WooCommerce Subscriptions extension you can try linking the subscription product with a package, this may actually trigger the subscription.


    Thanks for getting back to me. I actually bought a theme and a frontend user plugin for this project, but it can’t match yours for look and polish – I wish I’d seen HivePress first – it’s perfect if I could crack the billing issue. How does Paid Listings work if a current user wants to list another house, for example? Do they go through the whole payment process again for each individual listing or is it package-based?


    Thanks! If you have a minute, please rate it on

    It’s package-based, e.g. you can sell a package of 10 listings, and if this package is purchased user can add or renew up to 10 listings. Once the limit is exceeded the “Select a Package” page will block the listing submission again.


    I certainly will post a rating and feedback – if nothing else, your customer service is second to none and I’m finding the theme pretty easy to use so far.

    If I wanted to add more than one package level, can I do that? And can a user upgrade their package if they want to, or even buy a second package? Sorry for all the questions!


    Thanks for your review!

    Yes, you can add multiple packages, and users can purchase multiple packages but there’s no upgrade option, the second package will be used when the first package’s limit is exceeded.


    Hmm… I really need something that is a bit more flexible on payments. I can set up packages for 1 or 2, or 3 etc course listings for tutors to choose from but if, for example, someone has bought the 2-course package and later wants to add a new course to their list then they can’t? That’s why I asked about buying another package or preferably upgrading the one they have.

    While I’m here, if I bite the bullet and buy the Woocommerce Subscription plugin (which will do everything I need in the way of recurring payments and up/downgrading packages etc), I wanted to ask how I would integrate that with the rest of the site function please? Do you know if the process is as simple as just setting up the packages as Woo products and letting the subscription plugin do its thing? I’ve already got an e-commerce shop site for physical products, so I know how to configure Woo.
    Many thanks


    If you sell a 2-course package, then after adding 2 courses tutors can just pay for another package, and add another 2 courses. You can try different packages (e.g. start with 1-course package to charge a flat fee per course).

    There’s no full integration with Woo Subscriptions yet, but it’s on the roadmap. If you link subscription products with packages the subscription will be created, but the packages will expire anyway.


    Thanks for your reply.
    Subscriptions taken out through Woo Subs can be set not to expire, which is ideal, so do hurry up and get the integration sorted!! 😀
    As I can’t get a setup which allows courses to be randomly added, I was planning to offer several packages – say 1 course for the first one and on up to 5, for instance.

    Woo allows for upgrades and downgrades, which is perfect. Also, subscriptions taken out through Woo Subs can be set not to expire, which is ideal, so do hurry up and get the integration sorted!! 😀

    How does Paid Listings link to Woo? As you said further up the thread, perhaps it’s possible to link through, although I don’t think my coding skills are up to it!
    I do appreciate your time on this though, as it’s probably not quite within your stated parameters of help.


    Thanks, I’ll add integration with subscriptions. HivePress checks if the linked package product is purchased and then adds this package to the user’s account, this is the only integration so it doesn’t check the Woo subscription date or other details, just triggers the subscription start.


    Hi yet again and I’m sorry to be a pain.
    I have the listing side set up – so easy with your fab theme! – and I have the Woo Subs set up. Each works independently and they are sort of linked with Paid Listings – the packages page has picked up some of the info from the Woo Subs that I put up, although it doesn’t actually use the Woo Subs product page unless you choose to select a Related Product (???) and it is going through to the Checkout page. It’s not complete or very streamlined yet and is a bit clunky in the middle, but I think it’s getting there.

    A couple of things –
    1.The system’s currently taking a newly-registered user to the Add a Listing page before the Buy a Package page. I’d really like it if you could tell me how to set the Packages page to come up first please, immediately after registration, so listings can be done after the package is bought. Words of one syllable would be great as it takes me a while to get a handle on this stuff!

    2. I set the Woo Subs up as one variable sub, but only the main product heading is showing on the Paid Listings packages page. Should I change the Woo products from variable to simple subs and list them all as separate products, then link each individually to get them to show up?
    Many thanks,


    Yes, there’s no full integration, HivePress just checks if the linked product is purchased. So if it’s a subscription product WooCommerce will automatically start a subscription.

    1. There’s no such option at the moment because packages may depend on categories (and on the listing details, this is planned for the future versions). Users can’t skip the package selection anyway, they can only select a category and fill in the listing details.

    2. HivePress displays the package names set in Listings/Packages section, please try editing packages directly (these names don’t depend on product names).


    Ok, thanks.
    So, for #1, I’ll need to somehow add an explanation of how the pricing and packages work, before the user gets to the listing section. . I was hoping that the Woo product page would show up somewhere, as I have explained the process on that. It does seem a bit backwards to insert a listing and then buy the package, or maybe that’s just me. 🙂

    With it swapping from LH to Woo and back again, I’m finding it difficult to get a set route through the process sorted out in my head – and on the site!
    Thanks very much for your help again.


    Is there a way to add the important buying info to the Select Package page please? I see it doesn’t exist as an editable page as such, which is awkward, but I need ideally to get that info on the same page as the packages – I think it’s important for clarity. I suppose I could use a popup plugin, but I hate popups!
    Many thanks


    Actually ihor, I can see I’m going to really struggle to get the functionality and workflow I need unless the complete Woo Subs integration is in place. I can’t rely on the recurring subscription working, which is vital, and I need to use the Woo capability to up/down grade packages.
    Do you have any idea on cost and timescale to get this done please?

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