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Setting up payments

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  • happyman70

    Hi, i am really struggling with the process of setting up payments. What is the process. I am looking at how i set it all up for people to pay and receive a service. i am then looking at how the vendors are paid once the service has been complete. also while the vendors are completing the work where does the money go.

    do i use paypal or another service.

    ihor developer

    If you mean payments for services please set these up in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments section. You can install and enable any payment gateway available for WooCommerce, e.g. PayPal.
    The payment flow is similar to escrow, all the payments are sent to the marketplace owner, while the seller’s account balance is increased (depending on the commission rate you set). Then the seller can request a payout, you can set the minimum payout amount and define other terms on your website. Please check the available docs & screencasts here

    Francisco Bolado

    Hi Ihor,

    Regarding this topic, I am doing some testing on the payment and have the following doubt. Once the seller request the payout and the admin accepts it, what is the process next? How the seller introduce the account to which the payment is done by the admin?

    Moreover, in the case that we need to return the money to the buyer, how it would work?

    Best regards,


    i think to be honest the documentation and the screencasts are realy bad. i have set up a lot of sites and this one has been one of the most difficult to set up. there are not many instructions. i have a lot of friends who are considering buying this theme and want to see how i get on. i have found it very hard. i think the team behind it need to sort out the instructions and even the very rare videos they have are very quick without sound

    ihor developer

    @Francisco Bolado In the current version payout requests should be processed manually (we also plan to add Stripe Connect integration). You can add the supported payout methods In Payouts/Methods section, so sellers will be able to choose the preferred method and add any extra details to the Details field. Once you process a refund and change its status from Pending to Published, it’ll disappear from the seller account. Processing payouts depends on your marketplace terms, most marketplaces I’ve worked with process payouts on 15th of the following month, so there’s always at least 2-week delay to cover possible refunds (so when a refund is requested you still hold the funds).

    Sorry if you had a bad experience, we’re working on improving the docs. I recommend sticking with HivePress and its themes – this is the most customizable yet lightweight directory/marketplace solution for WordPress at the moment, and we’re working 24/7 to improve it – recently we added many developer resources, including the code & hook reference, a library of 100+ code snippets and full developer docs are on the way.
    Some themes on ThemeForest may advertise more features, but the codebase, security or extensibility may be much worse, and many developers abandon premium themes once the sales drop. This is not the case with HivePress since we’re building an open-source platform & community around it.
    If you found a better solution for your freelance marketplace that’s ok – in this case please request a refund via


    you say you are improving it, but it seems very basic. there are lots of free themes out there that are doing the same as this for free. you advertise it as a real alternative to fiverr but there are lots of bugs and things that dont work.

    To be honest, with what i have seen at the moment, which includes if someone is offering three services, it is not impressive. on fiverr, if you are offering three services then the person who is the customer can see how long they can expect to have their work delivered.

    on your theme there is no such thing. it is like the customer has to guess. so why would someone come to a freelancing theme that someone has set up to then look at a service and guess when it would be delivered.

    I dont think to be honest that anyone using this theme is having any success in getting customers to buy the service. This is down to there is no way for the customer to know how long it will take to receive the service

    here is an example

    the vendor has the service advertised of writing a press release and distributing it

    tier one would be writing the press release, and would take 2 days
    tier two would be to write and distribute the press release and would take 4 days
    tier three would be to write the press release and put it in big news outlets 5 days

    at the moment when the customer comes to the vendor page and sees the services they have to guess how long it will take for the different services on offer. this is not good, and is basic programming so why has this not been sorted.

    ihor developer

    This feature is available, please enable pricing tiers in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling section. Then sellers can set different tiers for the same listing, with a custom description for each tier where it’s possible to indicate any tier details, e.g. “2000 words, 2-day delivery”.
    We’re trying to build honest products, so we never advertise non-existing features, we answer any pre-purchase questions and there’s a theme demo with the possibility to login and check all the front-end features.
    If you found a better theme or even a free one that has the same service marketplace features please send the order ID to if you purchased TaskHive less than 30 days ago. While we’re working 24/7 to improve our products, if it lacks some features required for your site and you found a better solution there’s nothing we can do.

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