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Settings for Ratings/Stars?

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  • wshiwsbrding

    Is there somewhere to change settings for display of ratings? I see some files showing hints and star types and sizes and so forth, but I can’t find any matching functionality in the UI.
    Or is there a Hivepress extension I need to purchase and install to get this functionality?


    ihor developer

    Please let me know what display changes are required, if you want to change the styling the easiest way is using CSS snippets, if you want to override reviews completely it’s possible via PHP snippets, or by copying the template parts into the child theme folder.


    Thank you for your reply!!!
    For our site, the “rating system” is the most important part of the site. We need to make a few changes to it:
    1. A different icon/image for each “star” <=most important of all
    2. Show a hint when hovering over each different “star” when reviewing etc
    3. On a listing, show only the “star” icon/image that applies to that listing. for example, if they have a 3.7, show only the “3” “star” icon/image, and none of the other “stars”
    4. Make the rating on the listing larger.

    I saw in a js file what appeared to be some of these features, like the hint for each star for example. but I don’t see anywhere to set the hint in the UI.

    I realize this might be a lot of customization to accomplish this but if any of this are features you might be adding anyway if you could let us know.

    And if you could let me know a more specific instruction of which snippets to put where we would be super grateful!! Thank you thank you!

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately this requires customizations, if you’re familiar with PHP/HTML/CSS or have a developer for custom work please try overriding this template part It’s a listing rating, you can also override other template parts, add custom JS logic (e.g. different icons instead of stars – the Reviews extension loads this script Hope this helps.


    oh that raty documentation will be super helpful! Thanks!

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