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    Good afternoon!

    I want to make a directory for local businesses in my country. It would be a general directory, not by niche, although it could also be a possibility. But right now it would be general, with +50 categories. Each of these categories would have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of businesses. So I have some questions that I would like answered …

    1. Can a .csv file be loaded with hundreds or thousands of businesses per category?
    2. How many categories and sub-categories could you create?
    3. How many businesses can I include in each category and sub-category?
    2. My idea is to load these businesses, publish them for free, but charge for some premium features to those who want to claim their business in the directory.
    All free members would have a card with the name (of the business), address, telephone number and website (without link). Premium members will be able to choose between three different plans each with additional characteristics to the previous plan.

    Plan A would have …
    1. Icons of your Social Networks and Website with a link to each of them.
    2. Up to 5 Images
    3. Yellow Highlight
    4. Tag Call
    5. User Dashboard
    6. UserĀ“s Review.

    Plan B would have everything from Plan A plus …
    1. Featured Banner.
    2. Option of Coupons and Offers
    3. Up to 10 Images.

    And Plan C would include everything from Plan A and B plus …
    1. Mini-Site or Landing Page
    2. Sub-Domain
    3. Backgroun Color List
    4. Up to 20 Images.

    Please tell me if I can do all this with your plugin.



    1. Sure, I answered in another topic

    2. There’s no limit.

    3. There’s also no limit, but please note that I tested HivePress with 10,000 listings at most, I can’t guarantee that it will not slow down with 10,000+ at the moment. I plan to optimize it with each update though, for example the latest update reduced the number of database queries via caching.

    4. You can charge a flat fee for claiming a listing, but there are no different tiers at the moment, so if the listing is claimed then owner can edit any listing fields.


    Thank you so much!. All very well. Up to point 4. Here it stops me in my plans. I must see how I fix this. Any recommendation in this regard?


    This feature is on the roadmap, but there’s no ETA. You can consider hiring someone via Fiverr or UpWork to implement limiting attributes, this would pay off in the long term because HivePress is much easier to extend and maintain than any other directory plugin or ThemeForest theme (I checked a lot of them).

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