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Sharing a listing – excerpt problem

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    There is a problem when trying to share a listing on Facebook (or maybe it’s just me).

    The problem is the excerpt. When sharing it shows the category and vendor.
    On the right picture I had to modify it with Rank Math to match with the description, but this has to be done manually.
    I was wondering if there is a way where I can choose what excerpt to show when sharing. I would go for Site address – Title – Description.
    Also the image that it shown after sharing is different than the one I choose. You can see in the preview picture what image should be there.

    Any way I can change this? Thanks in advance

    ihor developer

    HivePress uses the excerpt field for making the listing details indexed in the search results (vendor name, categories, attributes marked as “indexable”, etc). Please try customizing this in Rank Math or another SEO plugin of your choice, you can also set a custom image for the social media, or use the listing featured images instead – these options are related to the SEO plugin functionality.

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