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    Hi, how I can change size shortcode?


    Please let me know what you mean about the shortcode size.


    Do I can change size list of category when I’m using shortcode.


    It’s possible to set the number of categories and columns in this way:

    [hivepress_listing_categories number="3" columns="3"]


    Ok, but I want effect like from this pages


    This design is defined by the theme, and currently there’s only one theme available (ListingHive). I plan to release a theme specifically for classified ads with layouts similar to those on OLX, until then the only option is customizing the design via CSS snippets.


    Ok, I have 2 more questions

    can the ads be divided into 2 types?

    How can I sort by my information separately?


    and how promotions work?


    1. Sure, you can use listing categories for this purpose. For example if there’re different types of listings like “for rent” and “for sale”, you can create these 2 top-level categories, and create different attributes for listings within these categories.

    2. You can make any attribute sortable by checking “Display as a sorting option” checkbox while you edit an attribute.

    3. Please check the docs, there’re step-by-step screencasts

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