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    Hi. I am using hivepress with a different theme and having problem with signing in. I want to have access to the sign in modal appearing but it only appears on the default page. The modal is only activated after clicking on the register or forgot password link.
    Please help me access the model straight forward. Thanks.


    You can place this link anywhere (or use this URL for custom buttons) and it should open the login modal:

    <a href="#user_login_modal">Text</a>


    Thanks so much ihor. Really appreciate it.
    Is it also possible to create a custom page for the signin page that comes when the add listing is clicked?
    I need this in order to style it separately from the default page OR if there is a way to add a custom id or class selector to enable me style it separately.

    Thanks for a wonderful plugin by the way.


    Thanks, if you have a moment please rate HivePress on WP repository It really helps to continue the development.

    If you just want to style this form differently please try doing so via the “.hp-page__content .hp-form–user-login” selector, or if you want to add some custom content it’s possible via the “hivepress/v1/templates/user_login_page” filter.


    Thanks a lot. Have submitted my review


    Thanks 🙂

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