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    I’m testing at localhost and multisites.
    I want to create the main site with business directory, and then create a sub-directory for vehicles and other real estate.
    But the vendor doesn’t work in a unified way.
    I need the vendor to be one in all the sites that are in sub-directories.
    Is there a possibility of one vendor for all sites?



    If there’s the same or similar design you can consider using a single site, and use subcategories for this purpose. Category hierarchy is unlimited, and you can force selecting a category on any level (for example on the top level, for sub-directories), and add category-specific attributes.

    As far as I know Multisite doesn’t share content, it shares users, but if you decide to use Multisite it may work anyway, because vendors and users are synced by default (when user saves the profile form vendor is updated).

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