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    I try to put an attribute to link to Skype (in the same way that I do with mail, whatsapp, etc …) but it doesn’t work for me. I use href = “skype: …..” but when I give update” skype disappears. Thank you!!


    Please make sure that you set the display format correctly and the attribute format is correct, you can set something like:

    <a href="skype:%value%?call">Call via Skype</a>

    Attribute value should contain the Skype username, so it should be a text field with a custom Regex pattern that limits it to alphanumeric characters.


    Could u please type de regex pattern?



    You can try using this one:


    Found here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12746862/regular-expressions-for-skype-name-in-php


    “skype” disappears and i get Call via Skype after update!!!


    This is strange, seems to be a limitation of WordPress, it removes anything at the beginning of “href” if it doesn’t start with http:// (for security reasons).

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