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Small bug with photo in Requests

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  • mzvdesign

    Hi. I see small bug in Requests with resizing image of author.


    I’m not sure why and how to fix it, but it works like more panoramic photo and then is elipse, more square and then is round. Try add photo for example 1280×800 and then 1280×300 – this is what I’m talking about. – same photo but one is cropped more panoramic.


    My image with bird was 1920×1280. After change to 1280×800 result:


    Hmm, I have same problem, but with really panoramic photos like 1280×300, with 1280×800 everthing’s fine.

    mzvdesign Here I used 1280×800

    ihor developer

    This issue may occur only if the uploaded image is smaller than 400x400px, then WordPress will leave it as is without resizing and cropping. Please make sure that it’s at least 400x400px before uploading.


    Sorry but Iā€™m sure. The issue is only in requests.
    I tested it again and downloaded and upload original picture 1920×1280 from pixabay without any resizing etc. šŸ˜‰

    ihor developer

    If possible send a link to this image on Pixabay, I’ll test this locally – if there’s a bug it will be fixed.

    and choose 1920Ɨ1280

    ihor developer

    This is strange, the image format is square when I test it locally (I uploaded the image via My Account/Settings form) Please make sure that all the required image libraries are installed on your site, your hosting provider should install these for WordPress images to be resized and cropped properly. You can also send a link to your site and I’ll check this issue (you can send it privately via email


    Ihor solved me the problem. If someone will have the same problem, here is the answer:
    The default WordPress image sizes were changed here wp-admin/options-media.php. Change the Thumbnail setting to the square format because it’s assumed to be square by many plugins and themes.

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