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Small issues with the theme

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  • DianaLizarazo


    I am exploring the functionalities of the theme, and I have some questions for you,
    1. When I add attributes to the hosts, they do not display completely on the website. How can I set up, so the attributes in their profiles include both the title and the information for that attribute (now they are appearing without the tittle)?
    2. How can I change the currency, so that the monetary values are displayed in the local currency of the country where I will be using the website?
    3. I want to change the “host” label so that in both front end and back end I can use “Psychologists”
    instead of “host”
    4. In the header, how can I change the label for the list a property bottom? Elementor do not allow me to change that one.
    5. How can I change the language of the website so the predefined information labels are shown in Spanish and not in English?
    5. I still do not understand how it is made the difference between the accounts of hosts and users, is there a way to set up differences between both profiles? for example, hosts have information about the dashboards, listings payouts, while users only have information about the listings they like and the bookings they have made? Btw, is there a possibility that hosts can access their bookings without having to check the information in the backend?

    Thank you so much!

    ihor developer

    1. Please try setting custom Display Format for these attributes for example:
    %icon% %label%: %value%
    You can select an icon in attribute settings.
    2. You can follow these instructions
    3, 4, 5. Please try using Loco Translate for this purpose, this is the easiest way to edit any static texts (even if translation is not required) Most of the texts are located in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress section.
    6. Yes, the only difference is that these types of users have different pages in their account. Any user can choose to become a host by listing their first property, and once it’s approved they get a host profile, and extra pages like payouts, dashboard, etc. Hosts don’t have to check the WordPress back-end, bookings are available in My Account/Bookings section.
    Hope this helps.


    Thanks ihor! Very appreciated 🙂

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