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    Hi 🙂
    its first time to using hivepress.
    its good but its contain some bugs.
    im happy to helping to discovering bugs and help you to make your software better.

    the bugs is:
    1.sort by feature and searching not working (and the erorr in hivepress\includes\fields\class-select.php on line 130).

    2.when i choose a category its return to the same page(like i have cars category when i choose it, its show me all category’s like before chose)

    3.when i am trying to delete an image in edit mode and click update its still not deleting.

    Good Luck, i hope you found a easy solution to fix it.
    and thank you very much its good plugin’s !



    Thanks, glad you like it!

    1. If possible send the full error message.

    2. If your site is available online please send a link to this page and I’ll check this issue.

    3. Please make sure that files in /wp-content/uploads folder are writable


    you are welcome, thanks.

    this is the link Its just for trying .

    and the folder is (r+w+x) = (777).

    i think there are other problem!


    ah i just got it right now!!

    when i checked (Display subcategories) in category, and the category didnt have a (subcategories in reality) thats make a problem when i trying to view that category.


    but still there are a problem in sorting when i trying to change it.


    Thanks, I was able to reproduce these bugs and will fix them as soon as possible.


    okay, thank you very much.
    i hope this will make all features running corectly.
    because i’m planning to use it after this update.
    thanks alot !


    I hope this will be soon. Because I want to use it and start my first project

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