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Some details

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  • Jeferson_Marques

    I consider the solution of the messages very interesting, however, I am encountering some difficulties in which the user can perform a chat in real time, through my analysis this is possible, just make some adjustments.
    1 – Warn the user through a pop-up or push notification.
    2 – After the user sends the message via the listing page, direct to the chat page so they can continue the chat
    3 – On the chat page after sending, automatically update the page, so there is no need to press F5

    I hope these tips help to enrich your platform even more, which is already very good.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions. Generally, WordPress is not suitable for real-time applications, you can consider using some third-party service for integrating chat, or at least some dedicated chat plugin that stores messages in a separate database table, otherwise the WP database will be bloated in no time.


    I understand, the solution I found was as follows, I manually add a shortcod of a code in html that generates a buttom float with the whatsapp business or telegram link in the listing details, but I have to do this with each new post, but it works , if you are ever interested you can allow adding an html code within the format, so it would be easy to add ideas like that. Thanks again for the quick and appropriate response.

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