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    On first load by default adverts are sorted by “Date”.

    First. The “Date” in the box is aligned to the bottom. Selecting other sort options – makes alignment work as intended… or using any different theme than ListingHive also solves this problem.

    Here how it looks on first load

    After choosing different sort option - back to normal alignment

    Second question – why “Date” dissapears from sort options, after choosing any other option and can’t be chosen again (except for “relevance” which is not the same as Date or is it)?


    Seems ok when I check it If possible send the browser details.

    “Date” is displayed when there are no search criteria, and “Relevance” is displayed otherwise. It seems that there’s a redirect to the search page when the sorting option is changed, will try to fix this in the next version.


    It same for Opera and Yandex browser.

    Yes instead of sorting ads – it redirects to search.

    How do I keep the “Date” as a sortable option?


    Thanks, will check this before releasing the next version. If you’re familiar with CSS you can check this extra space via the web inspector and temporarily fix it. As a temporary for Date/Relevance please simply rename “Relevance” to “Date” using Loco Translate (or another translation plugin of your choice), then there will be the same sorting option.

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