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    Hello, i have two different questions: (ListingHive Theme with Plugins)

    1) Sort by name of Listing. I want the Listing in Standard sorted by Name, not by date. How can i implement this?

    2) Listing page with 1 Column and picture at the left – is that possible and what do i have to change (in CSS? or Template?)

    3) Listing page – if there is no picture choosen, it should show no picture and not the “placeholders/image-landscape.svg”. where to do the changes?

    Thank you for helping me!

    It is a great plugin and Theme you built!



    Thanks, glad you like it!

    1. Unfortunately there’s no such option, but it’s a nice idea for the next update, I’ll add an option for the default sorting criteria.

    2. This would require customizing the HivePress template parts, unfortunately there’s no simple CSS snippet for changing the whole page layout.

    3. It doesn’t display it on the listing page, but it displays it in the listing grid because there would be gaps in the layout. If you want to change this you can override the listing image file as described in this topic

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