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Spent a lot of hours on ListingHive, now moved to ExpertHive (few questions):

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  • jaimevivesfilms

    Hi! After lots and lots of hours on ListingHive and lots of thinking, I’ve decided to move to Expert Hive, which means there are gonna be a lot of questions coming for me (Sorry!!)

    Here they are:

    1. In the current Demo Version, when you type a keyword on the search bar, all the listings with that keyword show up, letting you choose the category afterwards on the left side bar. For some reason, after transferring from ListingHive to ExpertHive, when I type a keyword, it will first make me choose the category, and then it’ll show the listings with the keyword I typed. Is there a way of re-doing this like the way it was on the Demo version?

    2. What’s the preferred aspect ratio for the 3 featured images?

    3. Is there a way of customising the style of those 3 images? (I.e: having more images, or maybe a banner image instead)

    4. Can the style of the listing categories be changed? I really liked having pictures on them (like on the Listing Hive theme).

    5. One of the attributes is “email”, but when I click on it nothing happens. Is there a way the email site could open to send an email instantly?

    Thanks a lot,

    ihor developer


    1. Please make sure that Display Categories option is not checked in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Display section.

    2. The portrait one (2×3) should be ok.

    3. There’s no such feature at the moment, but you can hide these images in Appearance/Customize, and then customize the whole header area (e.g. add 2 columns and add anything to the right column).

    4. Sorry, there’s no way to do this without customizations, ExpertHive has a different category grid design.

    5. Sure, you can try setting this display format for the attribute:

    <a href="mailto:%value%">%value%</a>


    Thank you so so much legend!

    I set that display format for the attribute and unfortunately nothing happens.

    For the attribute “Website” I’m using the display format that you sent me: “%icon% Website“.

    It works perfectly because the website link is disguised under the word “Website” and when you click on it, the link pops up.

    I’m try to achieve the same with the email, where you would click on the word “Email” and then you would be able to relink it, maybe, to the App “Mail” from the App Store, or something similar.

    Thank you so much for your help, seriously!


    ihor developer

    This one should work in the same way as the website display format, the “mailto” link will open the default email app:

    <a href="mailto:%value%">Send an Email</a>

    Please make sure that there are no caching plugins that may prevent the new format from appearing on the front-end.


    I have already tried, but for some reason it still won’t work.

    You can see here in the following link how the “Email” button appears but nothing happens when clicking on it.

    I don’t know what could it be.


    ihor developer

    The email link seems to work when I check it, it opens a modal with the email service selection (GMail, Outlook, etc) The “mailto:” format should work fine for such links


    hello, I am using the expert hive theme, how can I customise the header to replace list a service with post a post a job, also it seems not responsive as when I open it on a phone, the post a service does not appear, rather it appears this way +

    ihor developer

    Hi @jenn,

    The Post a Request (job) link should be displayed by default if you have the Requests extension enabled, you can rename requests to jobs using this plugin Yes, the button text is replaced with an icon on mobile because it may not fit in the header section width.


    Thanks, but is there anyway to change the icon back to button text on mobile

    ihor developer

    You can try using this CSS snippet:

    .hp-menu__item--listing-submit span {display:block!important}
    .hp-menu__item--listing-submit i {display:none!important}

    But I can’t say for sure if it’ll look ok on mobile.

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