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  • Daniel Steiger

    I create a WordPress page with Elementor. But I can’t use shortcode to make the page look like by default. That means, is there a possibility to display the listing including filter with Elementor?

    Regards Daniel


    HivePress layouts (e.g. the listings page) are generated automatically, you don’t have to create these pages with Elementor. Please add a new page and set it as a Listings Page in HivePress/Listings/Display section, this page will display all listings like this

    Daniel Steiger

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    But I have a design built into Elementar (header, etc.) When I have activated the design template, the page of Hivepress is not really nice.

    So I cannot assemble the elements myself?


    I’m not fully familiar with Elementor, does it replace the whole theme layout? Please check if there’s an option to use the theme layout for this page instead, I’m sure there’s an option to use the default page layout implemented by the theme.

    HivePress template parts are not implemented as Elementor blocks or shortcodes, but I’ll check if this is easy to implement while developing the next version, thanks.

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