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Sub categories: showing wrongly in home

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  • Tommy

    I have configured through the WordPress interface a main category (level) 1 and some subcategories (level 2) as dependents pre-configured

    Also I disabled “Show subcategories” in category configuration.

    But in the home shows some levels 2. Not all, but is wrong. In In the previous version it worked fine.


    Question (To fix temporary) : How can I hide categories or subcategories (in the home page and in the filters) through code?

    ihor developer

    Please let me know if you mean the categories block (that shows categories on the home page), or category pages? I’ll check this issue and release a quick update this weekend.


    Thanks for the reply Ihor.

    I meant the categories block. They are seen on the home page under the search engine.


    (In the demo they are fine, but with the update it broke).

    You can configure a main category and some subcategories (not attributes) through wordpress and the error will appear. The home display categories (ok) and some sub categories (wrong), when you didn’t set it up like this.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I was able to reproduce this bug on a local installation, will be fixed in the next update.


    Do you have an idea when you release the next build ?

    Thank you very much for the help !!

    ihor developer

    Sure, I plan to release a quick update on Sunday. Please let me know if you find any other issues.


    I have been testing the new update and this case seems fixed. Thanks a lot !

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