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Subcategories to “Blog”

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  • ThomasB


    I find it difficult to make subcategories to the Blog feature. Is this possible? When I add new categories to the blog I can give them a parent category, but this is not shown on the site (I want to to be a dropdown of some sort or something similar).


    serhii developer

    Please go to the Appearance > Widgets section. There you’ll be able to add the “Categories” widget to the Blog Sidebar and choose the “Display as dropdown” type.


    Thanks Serhii! Very much appreciated. Do you also know, if its possible to add an “introduction” to the blog? Not to the posts, but to the blog in general.


    ihor developer

    If you mean adding some content above the posts in the current version this requires some code changes in the blog template file. I’ll also add category descriptions to the top of the blog category sections to the next version.


    Exactly. Thanks for letting me know. Sounds good with category descriptions on the agenda!

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