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    I am using HivePress plugin but not the theme for classifieds feature on my website (where people can list items to sell, rooms to share etc.). I added the plugin and the search page appears. But there is no way to add a listing from the frontend by a logged in user. Am I missing something or is this feature available only with the theme?


    The features are the same, but there may be no “Submit Listing” button in the header section of a third-party theme since it’s not possible to output it for all themes (themes have different customizable areas). You can add a custom button linked to “” URL somewhere on your site (or if you can edit the header.php file you can add it to your site header).


    yes we can add ……..a custom button linked to “” URL,but the Add listing is linked to select category first.
    how to get this link.Not possible by copy/paste. I tried it.if this we get then at least home page can be build by Elementor.Thanks in advance,Sir.


    Actually its only this …


    You can safely use the “” URL because it will automatically redirect users to the first step of the listing submission process (in this case, it’s the “Select Category” page).

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