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    2 more bugs I have come across… Is when clients are submitting their listing and paying for it through Woocommerce, the listing never gets submitted despite the fact the payment goes through and shows up on woocommerce and in their account.

    I have to get the client to log back into their account, and click the green submit button, then the category – this time it submits without asking which payment option they want.

    Second bug I’ve noticed since the update, is that when I publish a listing – the URL cannot be reach and times out. Several users reported this to me and upon investigation I’ve realised it’s at the moment when I approve the listing – this is unavailable for about 10-20 seconds.





    If customers are redirected to the “Thank you” page after payment and order has “processing” or “completed” status then they should be redirected back to the listing submission page (“Listing Submitted”). Please check if order gets one of these statuses after the payment.

    Please send steps to reproduce the second issue, if I understand correctly I should register a new user, submit the first listing, then approve it and click on the “My Account” button?


    Thanks will do and re second issue – yes correct. The listing should need approving


    I couldn’t reproduce the second issue, with the freezing account page, if possible send more details, maybe there’s an error log? It would be nice to fix this before the tomorrow’s update (if there’s a bug).

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