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Subscriptions (pack free and paid)

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  • david2

    I have two questions for subscriptions (pack)?
    1: I offer two subscriptions, one free and one paid for.
    When you take a paid subscription (pack) and it ends, does the advertiser automatically get a free subscription?
    Is this possible? Is it automatic?

    2: If I take two paid subscriptions (on the same account and twice the same pack), he indicates it perfectly in my shopping list (order). On the other hand, in my subscriptions, I only see one… He does not add the packs, why ?
    Thank you for your explanations and have a nice day.

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    ihor developer

    1. These are not exactly subscriptions, but listing packages – users just purchase the ability to add some limited number of listings. So when the package limit is exceeded user just can’t add listings until the next package is purchased (if you have a free package it can only be used once).

    2. Please make sure that this order is marked as “processing” or “completed”.


    Can there be some variability with this? Like setting number of free active listings (for example 1) and charging to extend that number, so the user is paying for amount of allowed active listings not actual listings. That way people who occasionally post something do it for free and those who require 10-100 listings per month (obviously making money that way) pay to extend the limit.


    1: OK
    2: if I buy several (the same) paid pack, they are visible in my orders and activated it’s OK, on the other hand I would have wanted either that it adds up in terms of number of classified ads, or that it passes or next (paid) pack. Is it possible?

    ihor developer

    @valmes There’s no such feature at the moment, but it’s a nice idea – seems like a different way fo monetization.

    The number adds up already, but HivePress will automatically use the package that has a higher limit first.


    @ihor Avito (biggest Russian classified) uses this scheme (so its not my idea, I just put it up here). They allow 1-3 active listings for free (not in all categories though) and to extend that number you have to get a package or pay for single additional listing. Moreover prices are category and location dependant (different for categories like real estate or cars and places like Moscow or some small town).

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll check Avito and consider adding this way of monetization.


    @ihor Hello
    If I understand correctly, once the Free package is finished, I can’t renew it? Is this correct? I have to recreate one?
    Package 01 = free Package 02= free Package 03 = free…

    My idea is that when the person finishes package 01, he can either continue for free or take a paid one. Would you have a solution to avoid adding free packages and keep the same one and once exhausted, people have the choice to renew it or to take a paying one ?

    ihor developer

    Yes, otherwise nobody would pay for the premium packages if re-using the free package is allowed – the listing limit would be useless. There may be a workaround if you make the package paid, but link it to a product with zero price.

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