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Suggestions for the messages extension

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  • jbulies

    It would be great to improve the message extension.
    Perhaps it is not a priority extension within the hivepress ecosystem. But it is very important for users to be able to communicate with the advertiser or the communication between advertisers and in my opinion it needs some improvements.
    Regarding the visual section, without going into details I will only mention that it would be much more intuitive and pleasant for the messages to be displayed
    (own messages – on the right side)
    (messages from the other user – on the left side)
    and maybe each one with a different color.
    Features to implement:
    – Update the content of the div automatically with high frequency (perhaps with ajax) This is necessary because currently to see if they responded you need to reload the page. Even when you send a message it shows a message that says (message sent) but you do not see the message included in the chat until you reload the page.
    – Implement scroll (without showing the bar) in the messages div. This is necessary so that an infinite page is not generated after 20 messages in a conversation. It is uncomfortable
    – Link to the profile of the user with whom you are talking, so that for example you can see their rating.
    – Notifications … Although it is true that the system sends an email when receiving a message, it would be excellent if it also sent web notifications.
    – Attach files.

    As I said before, maybe there are more important things to spend time on but if something like this comes out in future updates it would be great and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love it.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions, I added this topic to the backlog and will check it while developing the next Messages version. Some of these features are already on the roadmap (on-site notifications, read/unread messages, and attachments) so it’s just a matter of time (we’re a small team, but working on HivePress 24/7).


    I am very happy to read your response and know that you already have some of these characteristics in mind. Thank you

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