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Sync two marketplaces

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  • Hanna

    is it possible to set up one marketplace shared by two hivepress listing directory websites? The two sites are in different languages with different URLs and site names, but with a similar structure. So listing owners would register to the two sites separately according to language, but product sellers would need to register only to one site while the other site would pull the publicly visible product catalogue and end customer purchase process from the first site?

    Or alternatively so that the backend (product details, stock management etc) of the two marketplaces would be synced? Kind of like this plugin:


    ihor developer

    Yes, this may be possible with WordPress Multisite (the same user database would be shared by multiple WordPress websites), but Multisite is not fully tested with HivePress yet.


    hi? when have we have complete support to wordpress multisite? is very neccesary. thanks

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no ETA for this integration yet. If you have any issues to report related to Multisite you can report them here

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