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system payment in bookings extension

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  • agus

    I want to confirm a few things about the booking+marketplace extension payment flow

    1. Can vendors accept bookings manually? if possible, is it done after or before the customer makes a payment?


    2. Then regarding payment, who will receive the money received from the customer? website owner or directly to the vendor?

    ihor developer

    1. If you enable booking requests (in the listing settings) then vendors can accept/decline bookings, once a booking is accepted customer gets an email notification and can pay for the booking.
    2. With the Marketplace extension, all payments are sent to the site owner first, while the seller account balance is increased (depending on the commission rate), then the seller can request a payout. You can process payouts by your terms and schedule, most marketplaces process payouts once a month (to cover possible refunds before the payout).

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