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  • ijaz_abedin

    I have added so many tags while listing but when someone searched those tag words in search bar nothing appears in the result page, suppose i have added a tag like “logo” but when someone searches “logo” in the search bar then nothing appears in the result page related to that tag, please add this feature, because i think this is the main feature in a service marketplace. And also inprove the interface in mobile version, people cant understand which one is signup button or which one is list a service button keep is simple and inderstandable.

    ihor developer

    Please try using this PHP snippet as a temporary fix, once you add it and re-save some listing then its tags will be indexed in the keyword search:

    	function( $attributes ) {
    		if ( isset( $attributes['tags'] ) ) {
    			$attributes['tags']['indexable'] = true;
    		return $attributes;
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