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Taskhive & Membership as a Digital Download Market

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  • elioberga

    Hi lhor,
    I have Taskhive and Membership extension.

    I am building a website where people pay to become member and can access to different listings with downloads attachment, I am not interested in other user to post their listing amd at the momento not interesting in selling the single product, just in selling the membership.

    I thought about a listing website instead of a simple shop website because I think it could be easier to search, organize and filter all the different stuff with categories, attributes and tags. Do you agree?

    At the moment I am building the website using the “attachment attributes” to attach the file to be downloaded, accessible just to users who subscribed with membership. I am not using the marketplace plugin and so the buy now button on the listing disappeared. It’s a good solution I think, just I am not sure it’s the best since the download link is just a text and nothing particularly good and I am not sure I can use the analysis tool of Woocommerce. I don’t know if it’s the best solution or it would be just a workaround that could create issues once a lot of material is loaded and users start to use it. Also I would like to access analysis on the number of downloads per listing/attachment/user.

    Maybe a different way It would be to consider the digital download as a product using Marketplace and Woocommerce and using the buy now button to download the product. It should work and I would prefer it since I like more the graphic and the button. Just, since the user paid for the membership, I would like that the button buy now on the right sidebar of the listing would be a download (it should be easy to rename it with loco translate) and not a link to the checkout. I tried and if I simply set 0 to the price in Product of Woocommerce it still redirect me to the checkout… do you think it would be possibile? in this way i should then have the list of the product in Woocommerce and have access to all their tools.

    Thanks for the help, I think I am trying to use Taskhive for something it was not really designed for but I see the potential.. maybe it’s an idea for a future theme.

    In the end it’s just a directory digital downloads market with no external seller (direct selling by me, not interested in external user to sell stuff) but with a membership plan selling and once logged in with a paid plan have access to download to everything and not a single product selling (that is why I would like to transform the buy now button in download).


    ihor developer

    It’s easy to add the same button as “Buy Now”, linked to some existing attribute (e.g. download URL), so you don’t have to keep the Marketplace extension just for a single button.

    It requires a simple code snippet, but let me know if you hide the whole listing page with Memberships, or attributes only?


    Attributes only, the file can’t be downloaded if you don’t have a plan. And if you don’t when you click it should appear the plan page or something similar.

    So it’s not possibile what I wrote above? To use woo commerce for the product download so that I can also have access to all downloads statistics?

    I’m thinking that maybe it ma easier to just do a shop website and instead of the listings considered as products I’ll have digital products with categories and attributes.

    This can be done with woo commerce and a membership plugin, I would like to do it with Taskhive and membership but it seem it is requiring too many customizations.


    ihor developer

    It doesn’t require any customizations if you use it like it’s advertised This extension restricts access to attributes, if you want to make advanced changes (turn attribute into a button and move it to the right sidebar) then it requires customizations.

    It’s not possible to track downloads with Memberships because WooCommerce requires purchasing a downloadable product for this, while listing attachment is just an attribute.

    So there are 2 options:

    – You can sell listings separately with Marketplace, in this case you can track downloads.

    – You can sell all-in-one access with Memberships, in this case users will be able to access the attachment attribute after purchasing a plan. You can customize the attachment display format (edit it in Listings/Attributes) to turn it into a button, for example:

    <a href="%value%" class="button button--large button--primary">Download Now</a>

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