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Taxonomy of imported listing doesn’t shows on front-end.

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    Hello! Great work! It really highly customizable and work well. But, I have some troubles with imported listings. Custom taxonomies, and even category, of imported listings doesn’t shows on front-end (listing block and page). On back-end and databse – relashionships exist. I’m using “WP all import pro” to import data. Refreshing cache doesn’t helps. After changing and saving listing on front-end – nothing changes, but if change listing taxonomy through WordPress admin-panel it going to de visible. This problem exist only for taxonomies attributes. If attribute type “text” or something like that – everything OK.



    HivePress has an internal cache, e.g. it caches term names instead of querying them for each listing. You can test if this issue is caused by the internal cache using this code:

    <?php define( 'HP_CACHE', false ); ?>

    If so, then the cache will be refreshed in a few days, or when the listing (or any of the terms) is updated.


    Awesome! Thanks, Man!

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