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Test Purchase Stripe

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  • jord56


    So made a test purchase and got the order but, when looking at the order it doesn’t let me know what listing they want to claim?

    Also, do i have to manually set that listing to that user that purchased the claim listing order? if yes then the above question would be nice to know how to fix this.


    update: I read in another ticket that the claiming transfer is suppose to be automatic when a different account claims said listing. but, during my test purchase this didn’t work. Aka the test registered user account when making the test purchase it didn’t automatically make the listing his?


    Ahhh so from the looks of it, once a order comes in you have to manually approve the order and then publish the claims listing? a lot of work here. I wish it was more automatic less me having to check things. Maybe, i’m wrong here i’m sure the developer will let me know

    ihor developer

    The pages related to WooCommerce (e.g. the order details page) don’t display the listing title in the current Claim Listings version. We’ll try to improve this, but the customers select a listing manually thus knowing which listing is about to be claimed, and the claim created for order also contains this info (in the back-end Listings/Claims section).
    Please make sure that the payment methods are set up correctly, gateways like Stripe or PayPal should mark orders as Processing/Completed automatically, and if this status is set the claim will also be approved automatically (switching the listing author).
    Hope this helps.

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