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Text in search boxes is invisible

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  • azka

    On Listing Search, the text in the boxes is “invisible” / in white colour so you dont see anything.

    See example on – on the frontpage, you can enter a keyword or a location but what you write is invisible.


    Please try disabling third-party plugins (or third-party scripts if there were other changes), it seems that something blocks these fields, and this issue occurs only on the front page, it works on category pages


    I have now tried disabled all third-party plugins except the extensions available from you, but no difference 🙁 Also tried disabling Loco Translate but made no difference so i put it back on.

    Also noticed it works on other pages, just seems to be on the frontpage this problem occurs.


    I have now troubleshooted some more, and the issue seems to be when i use the header by inserting “Read more” block. If i remove the “Read more” block so the header doesnt show up on the frontpage, it works normally again.

    But it takes away the good looking design of the theme 🙁


    It seems to work on the demo site, and there’s the same layout. If this issue remains you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.

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