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    Igor thank you very much helped out! I added the Whatsapp attribute in order to write a message, but there is an error in the phone attribute I use <a href="tel:%value%">Call</a> tried replacing tel with wa/me doesn’t work. By the way, the extension plugin for tracking search is super!!! 2. Is it possible in the mobile version to add a filter to the right side of the search bar, I have it in a different row. 3. By the way, the long description of the ad in the mobile version goes to the right edge. Thank you in advance!

    ihor developer

    1. Please check other topics with existing solutions about Whatsapp, like this one https://hivepress.io/support/topic/how-to-set-link-whatsapp/#post-12551

    2. Possible, but requires CSS customizations.

    3. Seems to be ok on the demo site https://prnt.sc/12fotkk

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