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The display of listings page

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  • alphagoldafrica

    Hi Ihor,
    The layout and display of my service listings page does not look like the demo. Please may you kindly help me recreate this page so that it looks like your page.
    This is my page:
    This is your demo page:
    Thank you,
    Kind regards


    Hi Ihor,
    I may have fixed the problem:-)
    My issue now is that the user needs to click on the category block to access the service listings
    Is it possible to access the service listings directly without first clicking on a category first?
    Thank you,

    ihor developer

    Please try selecting this page as the Listings page in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Display section.


    Hi Ihor,
    I’ve selected the page. Please refer to Thank you
    If you click on the financial statement category, you will see the service listings, like in the demo.
    But my question is now, when the page is first clicked on, the categories are displayed. Users need to click on a categories before accessing the service listings.
    How can the service listings be open directly when a user clicks on listings, just like on your demo, without first seeing categories?

    serhii developer

    Please navigate to the HivePress>Settings>Listings section and uncheck the “Listings Page Display” option.


    Perfect! Thank you very much:-)

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