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The seller cannot deliver the service, the buyer cannot approve

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  • authomata

    I Installed all with the videos, and its working ok. I configured paypal in woocommerce and created a vendor user with a service, and othe user bought the service and the order keeps in “pending”

    Now the seller and the vendor can comunicate via messages, but neither the seller has a button or something to deliver the service (I assume this can be done via message and attachment o mail?), but the buyer only van see the pending order, but it cannot accept it, so the seller can ask for the payout. So for example if the seller give the service trough message or any means, the buyer cannot approve the payment.

    In the my-account/orders of the buyer, it just appears the orden listed, and you can see the details, its “proccessing”, but there isnt any way to approve…

    What I am doing wrong?


    ihor developer

    Please make sure that this order has the “processing” status (not “on hold”), then the buyer should see the “Complete Order” button (next to the “Contact Seller” button). Clicking this button should change the order status to “completed”, then the order amount will be added to the seller’s balance (depending on the commission rate).


    The order was in “processing” like I said before, but there is only a button to “view” the order, not to approve, and when i click, there s on,y the “contact seller” button. not the “complete order”

    Order processing (in spanish “procesando”)

    When you see the details, its only the contact seller button:

    Thanks for the quick response



    I tried something weird, in the section orders this were checked, so it was supposed to be working

    Disputes – Allow disputing orders
    Completion – Require manual completion

    I unchecked, saved, and the ckecked again, saved and it worked, the “complete order button” appeared

    ihor developer

    Sorry, I forgot about this option that disables the manual order completion (this hiding the “Complete Order” button). Thanks for porting the solution.

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