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  • stoyanoff

    When I use block on page that shows latest listings, is it possible to set it to show featured listings first and then all other listings by date of publishing?

    Now it has option to show only featured listings, but it is not usable as if I add a block that shows only featured listings and then second block to show all listings, then featured listings are showed again …

    If I charge user for make his listing featured, he is expecting those listings to be shown first and then ordinary listings.

    Hope I’d explained it correct.



    It’s not possible at the moment, but there’s a workaround – you can use 2 blocks together, e.g. the top block will display a row (or a few rows) of random featured listings, and the bottom one will display regular listings.


    Hi Ihor,
    thanks for the answer,

    That is correct, but is there an option with custom function in function.php that will exclude featured posts from second listing?

    I think this will help lot of users to create more flexible listing pages.

    Best Regards


    There’s no such option, you can only include featured listings by checking the “Display featured listings” option. Thanks, I’ll try to improve the listings block options.

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