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    The theme which I purchased right now does not working in propre way? as soon i open it to edit it with elementor al lot of feature was delete by itself


    do i received broked version or what?

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    in the home page:
    al lot of feature is gone or hid it
    Customer Reviews
    Top Freelancers
    Featured Services


    do you recommend to delete it and download it again or what?


    I will reset from the beginning and set it again, please advice


    it is the same, back the same problem

    ihor developer


    If you imported demo content its Home page is not built with Elementor, it’s built with the default WordPress editor (Gutenberg). If you use Elementor you can reproduce the same layout, please try adding a new page and edit it with Elementor – you’ll be able to add the same blocks.
    If it’s possible, I highly recommend using the default WordPress page builder because it’s much more lightweight than Elementor and is integrated into the WordPress core.


    I am using the elemotor my friend, and i have experience with that and I want to fully design the website. However, I need to be sure everything good with this theme and nothing happening later on.

    so could you please guide me how can i produce the same layout?

    I know how can add new pages but layout i do not know.

    Second question please:
    This is my website site which is
    but when I press on it, it guid me to this page:

    ihor developer

    1. Please add a new page and edit it with Elementor. Then you can insert the same blocks as on the demo site, search blocks by “hivepress” keyword, for example you can add the Listings block, Listing Categories block etc.

    2. Please navigate to Settings/Reading and select Home page as a Front Page.


    I added a new page and I edited it by Elementor, but still I am not finding where can I insert the blocks?

    I was searching on it on wordpress platform and I did not find it , as well the Elementor editor ?


    So I got them right now over the elementor editor, but they are fixed design, i can not edit them in the elementor editor.

    Is there any plugin or other way where can I shift from Gutenberg to Elementor?


    and even i can not change change the design of the Header and Footer, i add header and footer plugin, but does not react .

    ihor developer

    Please try selecting a block and change settings on the left side, there are the same settings as in the Gutenberg editor https://prnt.sc/12fpz1n This way you can build layouts with blocks, like Listings, Vendors, Reviews, etc. Can’t say for sure about the custom site header and footer, there’s no 100% compatibility with Elementor yet.

    If these issues remain please send temporary WP access via email support@hivepress.io and I’ll check them.


    As I understood from you, I can not customize the header and footer?

    I added footer and header Gutenberg plagin. But doesn’t react

    ihor developer

    You can customize the logo, menus (in Appearance/Customize section), show/hide options (for example “List a Service”, “Post a Request” links can be hidden via the HivePress options), so basically anything in the header section, but if you mean building header with blocks from scratch there’s no such option at the moment.


    I did Header by elementor, so everything is fine, but I need solution for Hive features, means when I do the Header by elementor the pages of Hive Feature is coming big or stretch a bit,

    Like when I am going to the page of listing-category/digital-marketing/
    so coming bigger

    It there solution or code for this? where I can adjust the size of theme?

    THank you

    ihor developer

    If possible send a link to this page (you can send it privately via email support@hivepress.io) and I’ll check this issue. If there are some third-party template parts in the header section they may not be styled well by default, but we plan to implement 100% Elementor integration so please let me know if you notice any other issues.


    This is the link after I use the Elementor Header and Footer plugin.


    As you can see there are stretch to the feature of Hive theme.

    Second note,
    I am not able to remove or hide the footer in the end of page, please have a look at the white line dawn. and this is happening when i use Elementor footer plugin, and when I remove it , it coming again with some buttons, like copyright and home and so on.

    Third note,
    The features like Listing the categories and other features of Hive theme, on the Homepage does not stretch on desktop but they are on the mobile phone when I am using Elementor Header.

    ihor developer

    1. If you mean these buttons https://prnt.sc/12l4a3g they seem to be wrapped with Elementor columns (1/3 width with the center alignment), please try arranging these buttons in a different way.

    2. This CSS snippet should work if you mean hiding the whole footer section:

    .site-footer {display:none}

    3. If you mean this content https://prnt.sc/12l4mgv it gets the max width of the page content area. It’s possible to display listings inside a full-width slider, if this works for you please check the “Display in a slider” option for the Listings block.


    1- I did not mean the Header, I meant dawn where is the Categories, or go and press submit the request or my profile, the page is stretch more than before and looks the full screen and where can not edit it.

    2- Today the footer of elementor is working normal. Just I add a new footer and it replay it in a good way. so this is done, and now I can design it.

    3-the same problem of Number 1, using the Header of elementor and get stretching.

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