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    2- Regarding to the footer when I do sign out from the site, and go to the post service or list a service and I can see white space between the footer and ground of the site, I tried to put this code what you gave it to me in Customize in Additional CSS but does not work.

    .site-footer {display:none}

    Please note when I am sing in to the site there is no white space between the footer and ground.


    Plus I tried to hide the Header as well, its hide, but look some

    Have a look on the Header here, on the right side, there is black additional column,

    So when I hide both Header and Footer from the theme, the page is stretching and change the sizes

    ihor developer

    Please consider using the built-in theme header/footer and customizing its logo/menu items. The Elementor integration is a pretty new feature in this theme and there’s no 100% compatibility yet (while the blocks are integrated, we can’t guarantee compatibility with the full layout customization like header and footer). Also, the Elementor integration will be improved with each update.

    If you build custom pages with HivePress blocks like Listings, Vendors, etc. without overriding the header/footer sections the layouts should be ok.


    Good morning,

    May I ask you how do I can control or manage the size of the layouts?

    When I changed the size of the layout Over CSS in the computer its reflected on the mobile and this is what I don’t want, and I can not find where I can manage the size of the layout for the mobile.

    Because when I am using the Elementor Header and Footer the size of the layout of the page is changing.

    Could you please advice or send me the CSS code of the sizes or maybe plugins I can control the sizes.

    ihor developer

    Please try wrapping your custom CSS snippet with a media query, this way you can apply different CSS rules to different screen widths https://css-tricks.com/a-complete-guide-to-css-media-queries/ Also, there’s a new version of TaskHive released today with the “The content area is missing…” error fixed in Elementor.



    Can the vender list a videos or just only Photos?

    ihor developer

    Yes, please try pasting the YouTube or Vimeo URL to the listing description field, it should be embedded as a video on the front-end. You can find a list of the available embeds here https://wordpress.org/support/article/embeds/#okay-so-what-sites-can-i-embed-from

    Also, the ability to add videos to the main listing gallery (instead of description) is on the roadmap.


    So the vendors can past the URL on the description in able to show their videos.


    The ability to add videos to the main listing gallery (instead of description) is on the roadmap. Means I will get as soon as ready when the theme in automatic updates. Right?

    ihor developer

    Yes, this feature was already suggested and it’s added to the roadmap, so it’ll be implemented in the future theme (or HivePress plugin) versions.


    Hey ihor,
    I was interested about videos in the listing gallery too. Would this be available as a plugin update or a theme specific update (would it include ListingHive as well)?
    Also, where can we check the change logs to find what changes are being included in a certain update of a hivepress theme/plugin?
    Thanks for your help.

    ihor developer

    It’ll most likely be added to the core HivePress features. Please check the main changelog here https://github.com/hivepress/hivepress/releases


    Dear ihor,

    I would like to ask about Payout method on HivePress Theme.

    So how can I pay for the vendors? There is no option where can the vendors add his bank details where he can receive the payment?

    Do I have to download WC Vendors from Woocommerce as Plugin or?


    Second question please:

    How can I change the Permalink?

    When the customers or the vendors want to login or list a service or post a request before login, it showing these long Permalink.


    ihor developer

    Sorry for the late reply.

    1. There’s a form for payout requests (it’s hidden if there’s a zero balance). Sellers can request a payout and it’ll appear in WordPress/Payouts section. These are just requests, so payments should be sent manually, and once you send a payment you can mark the payout as “published” instead of “pending”. You can also add payout methods in WordPress/Payouts/Methods section so sellers will be able to indicate the preferred method.

    2. Yes, it’s ok – it appears for redirects only (there’s a redirect URL parameter). You can change the “account” and “login” slugs if required, but it’s not possible to remove/replace the “redirect” part.

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