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Thumbnails are all blurry

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  • zulazai

    Not sure what happened but all my listing logos are all blury. The actual images in media gallery are fine. But the logos are all blurry. I’ve tried regenerating the thumbnails with plugin. I disabled all cache plugins, lazy loads etc but listing logos are all blurry. Ideally I want them to be 200×200 for my directory.

    Is there any way to fix it? I will appreciate if someone can help me. Thanks a lot

    ihor developer

    Please check the image size settings in Settings/Media section. By default listing images are 400×300 (and 800×600 on the single listing pages), they should not be blurry since the size they take is smaller by default.


    Thanks ihor I fixed it by restoring. I did try changing the listing image sizes again, even regenerating but that didnt do it. Weird thing was this was automatic after the wordpress update something broke it. Restoring earlier backup of site somehow fixed it lol

    ihor developer

    Thanks for sharing the solution!

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