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Timing of ads and advertising

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    Guys. Yesterday and today more actively began to test the functions of placement of ads and advertisements. Guys a big request to explain once again the mechanism of service packages and ads.

    The package is set for 1 day and 2 ads.

    The first ad I put in the package the duration of the ad is 1 day, but after the day has passed the ad remained on the ad page.

    The second ad in the package I put as well for 1 day and paid separately for advertising (ads also was set to 1 day), after the expiration of the term of advertising the ad also remained advertised, on the main page of carousel and separately on the page of ads, and also highlighted as an ad.

    It is not quite clear why the settings do not work. Please help with this issue.

    Translated with (free version)


    And another question, if the user sets a price in the request, how does that work correctly? Is it supposed to cut off offers from sellers over a specified amount automatically?

    ihor developer


    1. If the listing is not expired please edit it and check its Expiration Date field, if this listing is added via a package with some expiration period then it should get an expiration date when published. If there’s a date but the listing is not expired this may be a caching issue.

    2. If the offer bidding is disabled, this defines the request price (paid when the offer is accepted). If the billing is enabled then the budget defines the default request price, and offer prices override the suggested budget.


    Hi, Ihor. Expiration Date field – 17.05.2022 The ad is still being advertised and shown.

    When I go into HivePress/Settings/Service Listing
    there is a Timeline item – I have a posting time of 30 days and a retention time of 336 days.

    1. In the item Advertising – I set the product WooCommerce ads for 1 day.

    The ad packages are also set to 1 day.

    The vendor from his account bought a 1 day ad package, then he separately bought ads for the service (The package and ads should have ended in a day on 5/17/2022, but both the ads and the expiration date of the package did not go out and are still showing).

    2. The seller bought the package for 1 day, he did not buy advertising. Ad package was supposed to expire on 5/17/22, but the same ad is still showing and has not gone to the archives.

    Is this all caching? Can you tell me how to work so that this did not happen?

    Thanks in advance:)



    Performed additional manipulation of the cache, deleted and cleared using various plugins 🙁
    Perhaps other solutions are needed, please advise.


    Another question about the timing of posting requests. In the settings, you can determine how many days a request is posted. There is the same story, the setting is 1 day, and the request on the request page does not disappear and continues to hang.

    ihor developer

    If listings have the past expiration date set for sure and they don’t expire this is most likely a caching issue, we use this function to schedule recurring checks for expired listings so it should be ok Maybe the event is not scheduled, you can try re-activating the HivePress core plugin.
    Once this is resolved for listings, this will also be ok for requests since both use the same scheduled event for expiration.


    Thank you. At this point, I’ve already started to deal with it. So I’m on the right track, I’ll look at the link. Maybe the problem appeared after the settings in the host.

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