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Tiny image in listing

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    There seems to be a bug when displaying images in listings which only have one image (the size of the image is tiny).

    ihor developer

    If you use the RentalHive theme, it has a full-width image gallery on the listing page, if there’s a single image it may be a bit narrow, but it has the same width as the gallery images (when there are >1 images).



    Yes, I’m using RentalHIve. When there’s a single image it’s displayed like this:


    As you can see the image is really small, not just narrower than normal. I’m having this issue when viewing listings on an iPad, but the same happens on desktops/laptops when you make the browser window smaller…the image becomes tiny and it eventually disappears altogether.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, I checked this page and it’s ok on desktop, but it becomes tiny on iPad – this will be fixed in the next RentalHive update.

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