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  • Kevin

    Is there any way to add an option for someone to tip the person when the order is complete?

    Would be nice to get more revenue from someone going through and tipping. It could even stay with the same % we currently have set up. For example, if they get 90% when the order is purchased could be the same % with tipping.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback, there’s no such feature yet but we’ll consider adding it, I’ve seen the same one on Fiverr recently.
    Please try using our new forum for further requests, this one will be switched to read-only soon


    Thanks for the info. I’ll sign up for that one next time I need you. Do you have a mailing list with new updates by any chance or a place to go for me to see them?

    ihor developer

    There’s no single place yet (release notes for the free extensions are added on Github, for premium ones we send out an email for every major update), but we’ll add the Release Notes category on the forum soon to merge all the release notes

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