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Title and Header Image not displayed

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    I added a Header image and a more tag and still don’t see the Header or Title displayed. Also is there a way to control the sequence/ordering of the categories manually? I only see 2 option one by Item Count or Name.



    Please make sure that this page is set as front page in Settings/Reading section, if you added a “more” block it should add the header section automatically.

    You can set custom order for each category (there’s a field for this when you edit a category), this custom order is used by default for the categories block.


    I have the “Read more” block but still the same. Also have the category order. Sent you an email with the access, can you take a quick look? Thanks! Great theme btw!


    Thanks for the details, I checked your site:

    1. There was no content before the “more” block, I added a sample heading and tagline, and the header section appeared.

    2. Category order seems to work, I set “123” order for the “Mens Apparel” category and now it’s displayed at the end.

    3. There’s no option to remove the featured image at the moment (it’s still possible with the code customizations), because the first image is always set as a featured one.

    If you enjoy HivePress please rate it on This really helps to continue the development.


    Thanks! It works now. What code customizations would i need?


    If you just want to hide images on the listing details page you can try using this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__images {display:none}


    If I add that to the Additional CSS it does not display any of the images including the header.


    If you mean removing just the first image from the slider unfortunately there’s no simple CSS snippet for this, it would require overriding a template part.


    I want to have just the title displayed without the featured image. So that is not possible with a CSS snippet. You still have access to my site.


    If you want to hide images on the listing page like this The above CSS snippet should work. If you mean removing just the featured image from the slider then it requires further customizations.

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