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Title, Dates, Newsletter and reCAPTCHA

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    1. How to insert a title above the display attributes, page option (primary) of the listings on the front end?

    2. How to change the position listing date? I want to place it below the Report Ad link.

    3. On the listing page, how to hide the registration date of the member?

    4. How to insert a Newsletter checkbox on the user registration page? Is it via code or plugin? Which plugin is compatible?

    5. I have already entered the keys, but reCAPTCHA is not appearing on the login and registration pages. What can be happening?


    1. This requires customizations, you can try overriding this template part by placing it within the child theme folder (in “hivepress” subfolder, preserving the template hierarchy)

    2. This also requires customizations, if you’re familiar with PHP please check the HivePress actions and filters, you can alter any template with the code snippets.

    3. Please try using this CSS snippet:

    .hp-vendor--view-block .hp-vendor__registered-date {display:none}

    4. You can add a checkbox using this code, but if you want to trigger the email list subscription it requires additional customizations:

    	function( $form ) {
    		$form['fields']['_newsletter'] = [
    			'caption' => 'custom text here',
    			'type'    => 'checkbox',
    			'_order'  => 999,
    		return $form;

    5. If you’re sure that credentials are correct (please note that only v2 is supported), make sure that you selected these forms in Settings/HivePress/Integrations/reCaptcha section.



    If you made some customisations – pls share – i would also like to see the page

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