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To Show Packages after clicking on Add listing

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    I saw the video of packages are being created in the tutorial. but despite following that and after creating a free and paid products in woocommerce and as well in listing ->> packages. its not showing after clicking in the add listing. i just want to create a free package and paid package later. do i need to buy marketplace extension. can someone help? thanks


    Well. I found. the listing has to be completed before showing packages. It would be nice. package show before listing


    Yes, it’s the 3rd step in the listing submission process. It’s set this way in case if the listing package prices depend on some listing details (this feature is not implemented yet).


    can we have different search filter for different categories based on the listing details by the lister?


    how to set this?


    You can simply edit attributes and assign them to specific categories, then they’ll appear only if there’s a search within these categories.

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