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  • wmasat

    Hello, I want to translate my site into another language using the polylang extension, but there are components that I do not know how to get to translate or the path

    ihor developer

    If you want to translate it to a single language please consider using Loco Translate instead All static texts within the code are wrapped with the translation function so they are available in Loco (in different sections, most of the strings are in Loco/Plugins/HivePress section).


    I want to add a second language to my site using polylang but I can’t translate the attributes and also when I click the (List a Service) button the categories don’t appear in the translated language

    ihor developer

    If Polylang has tools for translating static texts please check this string for the “taskhive” textdomain (not “hivepress”), this string is available in the theme. Please note that there’s no 100% integration with Polylang at the moment, if you website has user-generated content I recommend using some automated solution (e.g. Google Translate plugin for WP), otherwise you’d have to translate everything for your users, or ask them to keep the translation up-to-date.


    I added a new atributte for the vendors, but i created that attribute in spanish and my web is published in spanish. Can i use Loco to display these new attributes in other languages? Since Loco is translating from the english files.

    ihor developer

    Please use Loco Translate if your website is available in some specific language, then you can add attributes and other content in this language, and change any static texts (like button captions, field names etc) with Loco Translate. Otherwise integration with some multilanguage plugin like Polylang or TranslatePress is required.

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