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    I started translating it into Serbian, but i see the notice:

    “Notice: Changes to this file may be overwritten or deleted when you update WordPress”

    Is that true?

    I mean, what do i do if i translate the plugin, update wp and it goes back to English?


    Thanks! Please try selecting this option before adding a language, it’s safe from updates


    French Translation is ready !
    Congratulations for your plugin !


    Thanks for your contribution!


    I am new at translating of a plugin – this will be my first – but I think you are doing great work – so I would like to help.
    Please guide me on how I may help. I can do Hindi.


    Thanks! You can register on and then suggest translations here (double click on a string and just input the translation). Once the translation reaches 90% someone from the WordPress Hindi translation team has to approve it.

    Please follow the WordPress glossary (they require following it for some words) If something’s wrong with the translation then strings will appear here (e.g. if there’s an extra empty line or other issues)


    Just discovered HivePress yesterday. It feels good so far. Working on German translation with Loco Translate. I may upload language files if you want. (ASAP they are finished 😉 )


    Thanks! Someone already submitted the German translation (but it’s not approved on yet) Please suggest the corrections there (or missing translations) if you notice any errors.


    @ihor, I’ve made translations for ListingHive, HivePress and all of its free extensions for Indonesian, hope you approve it.


    @vdrive6 Thanks so much! Only volunteers from the Indonesian translation team can approve it, I hope they will do so soon. You can also ask to be able to approve translations for HivePress and extensions here


    I’ve made request them to accept the translations of HivePress theme and plugins,


    @ihor, I’ve good news for you & HivePress team. I’ve assigned as editor for Indonesian at ListingHive Theme and it was done translating to Indonesian. Hope all plugins will translated ASAP


    update: all HivePress plugins now translated to Indonesian


    Thanks for your contribution, really appreciate this.


    Hi Ihor, thanks for this theme.
    It is really nice, plain and free. I cant believe.
    I can also prepare a Turkish translation.

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