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    In my case it is “Makes and Models” list that is hard to do right without using “Depending Fields” that (a) either connect two attributes in pairs, where selection of “Models options” depends on what is selected in “Makes” attribute or(b), logically, using WP hierarchy in options list (parent-child dependencies) to accomplish the same!

    A) I’ve tried using Categories for that, but it shows only the last category in listings and no category inside the listing… you cant select multiple categories to display and so on… bad idea!

    B) I have made a list of options for an Attribute(Makes&Models), defining parent child options in hopes that some day it will work, but it comes to hundreds if not thousands of entries that you have to scroll through in order to find what you need!

    1) Is there a plan to implement drop downs (when you use select attribute) for options that have parent-child hierarchy or at least show it in a list of options, so parent options separate lists of child options?

    I think this part is essential anyway you look at it! Sorry if I stress that too many times, but as much as I like the simplicity of this script It’s just hard to use it right (yet!!!)!

    … and …

    2) How (if at all possible) can I define different outputs (Formats) for different Areas? For example for Block primary I need a simple “%value%” and for Page secondary I need “Text:%value%”

    Thanks for answers!


    PS: img didn’t work for some reason… so added links to images


    links don’t work either…. ok here is simple text of links to images


    3) Also, is there a way to hide/expand(show) optional attributes?


    1, 2. These features are already on the roadmap. Like with any software, some features may be missing, but it’s enough for most of the listing sites already – at the moment HivePress is the most feature-rich listing plugin with 7 free extensions. I’ll try to improve it with every update.

    I’ll add some kind of an option to enable hierarchy in the attribute values, and different display formats per area.

    3. There’s no such feature at the moment.


    Thank you! Your support is best thing about this script! I did also say before that I do like the overall look and feel of this script and hope it gets even better!

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