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Trying to order results by price (as an example) brings up some unwanted filters

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  • valmes

    If I try to order listings for example by price – the result is shown with some filters (that were used long time ago)… and there is no way to clear that!

    … and since we are at it, bellow is a list of some other things that I have noted while playing with this script for about 2 weeks (sorry if its against the rules – you can delete it, but creating topics for every instance would clutter the support board)…

    Don’t get me wrong – this script is a great starting point – looks clean, works out of the box (kind of…), free to start with, easily installed and configured via wordpress, but has some bugs that require either good knowledge of PHP, CSS, javascript or just waiting/hoping for updates/fixes… and since I am no programmer, I did, what I could – my best effort to beta test it… 😉

    Needed Fixes:
    1. Setting color and size attribute for Category Text (right now you cant see text on dark images).
    2. Choosing different category, in filter, doesn’t clear previously set filter attributes!
    3. Mess with templates – different styles for listings in categories (/listing-category/houses/) and listings by category though filters/search (?_sort=&s=&post_type=hp_listing&_category=27). The results are Visually different.
    4. Featured is enabled upon placing order (not getting payment).
    5. If some “optional” (hence not required) attribute is missing in an ad (for example price per sqm) and if you search for example for other attribute – the results without value in an optional attribute (although they are valid) will be excluded! Optional value should not be required for search!
    5a. For example optional attribute m2 shows minimum and maximum value in filters – all ads with missing value in this attribute are excluded from the search results because you cant switch it off when pressing Filter/Search. You are forced to use this attributes minimum and maximum value as a filter! Even though you can set minimum value to 0 in “attributes settings” in wordpress – it still uses minimum value found in ads!
    6. Minimum and Maximum values in filter bar are not category dependant!(?). You go to dependant category and min-max values are shown not for that category but for everything!
    7. Trying to SORT things brings up some filters that you have selected a few days ago and screws up everything… I think its connected to problem #2

    Must haves:
    1. Can’t sort Alphabetically. Nor Listings neither attributes (Makes, Models, Places to name a few).
    2. Depending fields – Actually they do exist in WordPress and you can create categories with parent category, same with options list (you can create dependant options with parent option), but in listing hive you will get everything (options) in one list, doesn’t matter if it is parent or child option! Car Makes&Models, Cities&Regions to name a few… its just too important of an option to be missing from the script.
    3. Make height of category image box settable. Right now it depends on image size?
    4. Enable search/filter option for vendor/account pages. Even for favorites/my own listings! If you have 200+ listings it would be nice to be able to search/filter/sort them.
    5. Other maps integrations: Leaflet, OSM, Yandex.

    Nice to have:
    1. Shortcodes support for blocks/pages (Header, Footer, Single listing, Pagination, Account, Edit Page, Map etc) for those who use different Page Builders (Elementor, Brizy, Divi etc).
    2. Calculated fields as an attribute (lets say you want to show price per m2 so price/m2=value).
    3. Make every filter option, even categories, as tags. Just click or select needed filter/s to add them into a search field as tags (say: “houses”+”price range”+”geolocation criteria” all in search box added from the filter side bar as tags). “Tags extension” (paid one) is very limited(or it’s not explained well?) as it stands now and doesn’t provide any valuable added functionality…
    4. Price attribute (with an option to choose woocommerce product – may be it is in market extension?).
    5. List view/MapView.
    6. Autohide Left Filter column. Autohide filter in mobile.
    7. Filter column (Left/Right/Top) position selectable.
    8a. Set number of columns for templates. Right now its fixed at 2. Same For width percentages for Columns. (same for Vendors, Favorites)
    8b. Set custom and default font attributes either manually or tied to number of columns selected: size, weight, color (tied to number of columns).
    8c. Set width of the page.
    9. Fixed Heights of ad-blocks(listings), preferably visual ad block template editor (so they all stay the same height and everything fits right no matter what attributes are used).
    9a. Settable “fixed length of the main fields and attributes” (For example Title text limited in length to fit). Same as in this board!
    10. As a matter of fact enable main attributes for editing (such as title, description, images).
    11. Same Add/Edit Page as view page. everything stays in place where it will be shown.
    12. Ability to use Map in place of category images!
    13. Text. Breadcrumbs for easy navigation.
    14. Combined Title (If not written generate title from values – for example “Year”_”Make”_”Model”).
    15. Add “hide” and “delete” icons/options in ads list manager in account.
    16. Show numbers for options (for example how many houses, cars etc)
    17. Ability to move favorites icon and some attributes (Price or Place for example) to image. Now only featured icon is placed on an image.
    18. Video attribute (or some documentation on how to use URL/Widget attribute if its hidden in there).

    PS: Sorry for the length of this list!

    ihor developer

    It seems to be a caching issue, if there’s a caching plugin or server-side caching please try refreshing it. As you can see the sorting seems to work on the demo site https://demo.hivepress.io/

    Thanks for your suggestions, I’m working on HivePress full-time and hope to make it the best directory plugin for WordPress. I added this topic to the bug tracker and will go through it while working on the future updates.

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