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  • mikron007

    Is it possible to turn of the “buy now” button that appears on the listing page?


    This button appears on the listing page if you have the Marketplace extension installed and the price is set for this listing. If you want to disable this button globally please try disabling the Marketplace extension, or make the price field optional – this button should be hidden without price.


    But I want the marketplace function and I also want price on the products. But I dont want that button 🙂


    You can hide it with this CSS snippet:

    .hp-form--listing-buy {display:none}

    Please let me know if I’m missing something – if you hide this button then there will be no way to buy a listing, or you use some third-party solution for this?


    On my website. Buyers and sellers make up the payment by them self in person. It is not digital products on my site.

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