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Two issues related to listings

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  • it_in2006

    I configured free & paid listings on website but I have two issues
    1) When user choose free listing for first time & post listing then it is manually verified my admin & decision is made but when same user tries to post different listing he can’t see paid listing option & listing is submitted for free .
    2) How can I configure that before posting the listing user can make decision to submit for free or paid ? . Because right now listing data is filled up & later he makes decision (free or paid ) . Instead how can he make decision first before filling up data .

    ihor developer

    1. Make sure that packages are set up correctly, if you add a free and a premium package (the free one is not linked to any product and re-selecting free packages is disabled in settings) then after publishing the first listing will require purchasing a premium package (if the free package limit is set to 1).
    2. There’s no such feature at the moment, the Select Package step appears only if the current limit is exceeded.


    Done first part. Next thing is free listing is limited up to 3 listings & if expiry date is blank i.e. listing will not auto deleted etc. then from the same account when user can add new listing or expiry is needed to add more listings ?

    ihor developer

    The expiration date is set when the listing is added & approved, depending on the selected or current package. It’s not changed for the past listing if the package is changed.

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