Two (small) requests…

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    Again, great theme/plugin and great support!

    Two questions…

    1. Can the review count (the number that appears in brackets after the rating) be made a hyperlink so that if a user clicks it, it goes to the review section of the listing?

    2. Is there an option for owners of listings to reply/respond to reviews?

    Many Thanks!


    Thanks, these would be great improvements for the next Reviews update, added them to the backlog. If it’s urgent the first one can be implemented if you override the rating template part and add a link in the code. The second one requires advanced customizations.


    What’s the easiest way to overwrite the rating template? I’m ok adding the link in the code, the trouble I’m having is where is the code? 🙂

    Great theme and great support!


    Thanks! If you haven’t already, please take a moment to rate it on It really helps to continue the development.

    You can override template parts by placing them inside the “hivepress” folder within the current theme folder, it’s similar to WooCommerce You can try overriding this file

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